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Welcome to The Mountain
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Village Club Programs & Events

WLPOA Community Center Hours of Operation:

July - August: 8:30am – 8:30pm 

Pool: 10:00am - 8:00pm


WLPOA Board Meeting Aug 14, 10am

RMS Board Meeting Aug 21, 10am

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Lott & Gaylor, Inc.

Mountainside Cottages/Mike & Leslie Howard

McCourry Construction, Inc/Exclusive Builders, Mountainside Cottages

Suburban Propane

The Bollinger Group



Cary & Cammie Monroe  .....  Joe & Barby Candler  ..... Bob & Roz Hicks  ..... Jim & Harriett Hill  .....  Jim & Linda Linkenauger

Marc & Lori Macaulay  .....  Walter & Jane MacDonnell  .....  Billy & Grace Prescott ..... Lee & Christi Smith

Debbie Wallace ..... Ed & Suzie Waller  .....  Roy & Brenda Wilkes ..... Gary & Joanne Wit ..... Tom & Joann Van Hyning



Ron & Kay Anselmo  .....  Donovan Electric  .....  Karen Gerry  .....  Dick & Lee Moeller

John & Earlene Shofi  .....  Gary Shorb  .....  Barbara Smith  .....  Fred & Susan Tygart

David & Ann Fee ..... Dick & Margaret Reeser ..... Brent & Betsy McCaghren

Bill & Becky Cole ..... Jack & Marcia Gilbert


 Businesses having paid for one full year of continued
advertising support in our TOB newsletter
Wolf Mountain Realty:

Shannon E. Bryan:
  Broker/Realtor 776-7244 www.shannonebryan.com

Mountain Laurel Realty:

Vintage Fab & Bees Knees
Tomorrow's Antiques/Coffee & Espresso
42 North Main, Mars Hill

Hicks Real Estate Group

Jamie Mccurry 208-5777
Yardwork, firewood, leaf blowing

Ray's Weather is provided by WLPOA Members

 and the following:


Wolf Laurel Roads Maintenance & Security www.wolflaurelroadsandsecurity.com 

Businesses having paid forone full year of continued
advertising support in our TOB newsletter


J.P. Shelton Electric: 
 626-3307 or cell 768-3307 
Dancing Moon Print Solutions: 

Hill's Plumbing
 689-5092 or Fax 689-5392

PRS Precision Restoration Services



Donovan Electric
319-2546 or cell 828-775-8658

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Rental Homes with access to the Village Club  Village Club Brochure 

Notice to Visitors Planning to Rent a Home at Wolf Laurel

Not all rental units have access to The Village Club at Wolf Laurel.  To enjoy the pool, pavilion, tennis and fishing opportunities, your rental unit must belong to the WLPOA Village Club and a Term Membership is required by the renter. (see Standing Rule 2014-5 for fees required)

    Call 828-689-4089 for additional information

Is Your Property FOR SALE?

To avoid unnecessary delays with your transaction,

 call Roads and Security at 828-680-9162.

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