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R&S Meeting, September 25


Special Meeting - Saturday, September 27

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September: Open Every Day

 Village & Community Center: 8:30 am - 7:30 pm

Village Pool: 10 am - 7 pm 

Lovely Deck Begonia Pavilion Village Amenities
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Board Resolution for Bylaw Amendments

WLPOA Bylaws Revision Resolution Summary

Term Memberships Amendment

Special Meeting
September 27, 2014
10:00 am at the Community Center
Bylaw Amendments
Bylaw Revisions - Mark Up

Article VI Rewrite

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 Businesses having one full year of continued
advertising support in our TOB newsletter
Wolf Mountain Realty:

Shannon E. Bryan:
  Broker/Realtor 776-7244 www.shannonebryan.com

Mountain Laurel Realty:

Jamie McCurry:
Lawns, Firewood, Caretaking, Handyman jmccurry@ccvn.com

Elements of Earth

Ray's Weather is provided by WLPOA Members

 and the following:


Wolf Laurel Roads Maintenance & Security www.wolflaurelroadsandsecurity.com 

Businesses having one full year of continued
advertising support in our TOB newsletter


J.P. Shelton Electric: 
 626-3307 or cell 768-3307 
Dancing Moon Print Solutions: 

Wilson & Terry Auction Company: 
 645-0695 Antiques & Estates

Donovan Electric
 319-2546 & 775-8658

Hill's Plumbing
 689-5092 or Fax 689-5392

Notice to Visitors Planning to Rent a Home at Wolf Laurel

Not all rental units have the same access to amenities at Wolf Laurel.

  To enjoy the pool, pavilion, tennis and fishing opportunities, your rental

 unit must belong to the WLPOA Amenities Program.  Call 828-689-4089

for an updated membership list. 

Is Your Property FOR SALE?

To avoid unnecessary delays with your transaction,

 call Roads and Security at 828-680-9162.

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