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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the membership dues?

A:  The 2016 POA dues of $175 (old $125) will apply to all members.  The Village Club members will pay $375 (old $350) for a total of $550 (old $475).  


Q:  Are non Village Club members paying for Village Club activities?

A: The dues paid by POA non Village Club members amounts to (at 2015 rates) $31,625.  The Village Club members contribute $131,100.  As you can see, non VC members are simply not paying for VC only activities.


Q:  Just what does a POA member get for their $175 dues?

A:  For the dues, a POA member has access to the entire Village area and Community Center, but not to all the activities (pool usage, tennis, fishing, events specific to VC members).  However there are several times during the season when certain events are open to all the membership.  As a member you are also contributing to the value of your personal property.  Prospective property owners are more apt to buy when they see the Village and what it has to offer.  Without the Village, many would simply turn around at the gate and look elsewhere.  Appearance "at the front door" is crucial for a potential sale. 


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