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This page is reserved for trades or sales of interest to the residents of Wolf Laurel.  All postings must be submitted by email to the office for approval.  Please include type of ad, description, contact name, telephone number and email address.  See terms and conditions below.   (Click here for rates)   

For Sale - Meade Refractor Telescope - 6" f/8 LXD55 Series - Includes automatic Autostar "go to" technology, tripod and extra 2x lens.  Terrific for planet and deep space viewing.  Camera adaptable.  New condition with original boxes and all for $850.  Call: Jim at 828-206-2468. Updated  March 2020

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If your property is For Sale, be sure that BOTH buyer and seller Attorneys and Real Estate Agents are aware of the contents of the Declaration of Protective Covenants, Restrictions & Reservations. These include the, "Right of first refusal, " required Road Maintenance and Security fees and required membership in the Wolf Laurel Property Owners Association. Failure to follow the requirements of the Covenants may result in a delay in closing on the sale of your property.

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