Where to go for Assistance


Cabin at front gate:

*Package drop off and pick up for delivery carriers and USPS


WLPOA Office

91 Village Lane

(Located in the Community Center in the Village)


*Wolf Laurel Membership Directories

*Ads and Notices for the WLPOA website

*Changes in address, phone numbers and email addresses.

*Concerns or Suggestions for the WLPOA Board

Phone: 828-689-9229

E-mail: mailto:carol@wolflaurelpoa.com

Website: www.wolflaurelpoa.com


Roads and Security Office

63 Village Lane


*Roads and Security assessment billing questions and payments

*Security stickers for vehicles

*Road maintenance inquires

*Applications for building and renovations

*Permits for tree cutting

*Resale documents

Phone: 828-680-9162

E-mail: Suehonor@wolflaurelrms.com

Website: www.wolflaurelroadsandsecurity.com