WLPOA Committees - 2019 - 2020

Membership interested in working on a committee,

please inform the Board on the Contacts Page.

Village Club:

Chair: Joanne Wit

Co Chair:  Lori Wyman-Macauley               George & Becky Shennan                 Nancy & David Schmidt

           Geri Magg

           Earlene Shofi

           Michelle Morgan


Winter Events VC:

Chair:  Steve Wilcox

            Steve Parker

            Michelle Morgan

            Gene Woolf


          Leah Noel CPA



Chair: David Smith (Treasurer)

             John Brackett

           Earlene Shofi (Personnel)


          John Brackett (Membership)

           David Smith (Finance)

          Joanne Wit (VC)

          Lori Wyman-Macaulay (VC)

          Terry Ranostaj (Facilities)


            Fred Tygart


Chair:  John Brackett

              Lynn Cagney

            Michelle Morgan

            Ronnie Rice

            Lori Wyman-Macaulay

            Michaelene Sanders


Chair: Yvonne Carignan

Top of the Bald:

Chair: Larry Veatch

Consulting Editor: Rich Ashley

Consulting Editor: Lynn Cagney

Editorial Board:

            Nancy Schmidt


Monday Night Pot Luck/

Friday NightSocial:

Larry Smith

Legal/RMS Relations:

Fred Tygart



Jim Landry



Chair: Terry Ranostaj  

            Bill Aimone

            Fred Tygart

            Bob Mathews  

            Carl Larrabee

            Becky Shannon (Pickle Ball)


Village Beautification:

Chair:  Gail Ford

             Gwynne Beneke

WLPOA Board Nominating:

              Bill Amoine 

              Becky Shennan

              Gail Ford

(Ad hoc) Playground Planning

              Earlene Shofi

              Lynn Cagney

              Terry Ranostaj

               Janis Larrabee

(Ad hoc) Village Club Survey

              Lynn Cagney

              Jim Landry

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